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Agustin Gainza

Telling the story of color with madness and delight .

A Cuban American artist whose hands speak an universal language that materializes with a convergence of color and wonder. His art awakes the shocking sensuality and refined grace found within the simple and mundane. Each color will reveal a new secret and each painting will tell a story only you know. 

Harlequin Series

"When I paint Harlequins I can create different expression and drama on their faces." - Agustin Gainza

Urban Series

"Havana is my mistress. The adventures enabled me to discover her magnificent past and mystifying tales." -Agustin Gainza

Rural Series

"The simplicity and humbleness of the countryside overwhelms me." - Agustin Gainza

Mulata Series

"Mulato women spice up the Caribbean. I was challenged to replicate the dramatic contrast of their skin, the lights, and the shadows. The product is a beautiful amalgam of life." -Agustin Gainza

Matias Perez

"Matias Perez and his love for flying aero stativ aircrafts is part of Havana's lore. Matias symbolizes my longing to be ubiquitous in Havana's life and quest for freedom." -Agustin Gainza

Moninas Series

"Inspired by the painting of The Meninas by Velazquez, though mine are mulatto girls blazing with tropical colors and lights." -Agustin Gainza


Mysteries of Havana Series

"A collection of works inspired by Zoe Valdes, author of the short stories found in the book of the same title." -Agustin Gainza

Interiors Series

"I like to capture commonplace scenes, search every corner and go across it in a time machine so my retina can capture what my lenses allowed to escape." -Agustin Gainza

Umbrella Series

"Influenced by my travels through Northern Spain. The presence of these umbrellas offered a refreshing splash of color" -Agustin Gainza 

Mamboleta Series

"Mamboletas represent all-night partying, the ocean breeze, bodies swaying to a sensual cadence." -Agustin Gainza 

Scorned Lover Series

Crazy Women Series

"This is my homage to the Crazy Women; those who despite the everyday trials and tribulations,emerge victorious at the end" -Agustin Gainza

The Musicians Series

"The musicians reflect my love for all things beautiful. It is a tribute to those who communicate one of my greatest loves, music." -Agustin Gainza 

Background image by Agustin Gainza 

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